International Competitions

Cricket World Cup

The mother of all cricketing events, The World Cup, organised by the ICC is held every 4 years, with the inaugural tournament being held in England in 1995. It is a limited overs contest.

It is contested by all test and ODI playing nations along with nations that get through the qualifying stages. At 4 wins, Australia has won the highest number of World Cup finals. It is the world’s 3rd largest and most viewed sporting event in the world.

ICC Champions Trophy

Second only to the world cup. This ODI tournament was inaugurated in 1998 and is held every 2 years. It is based on a knock-out format where even a single loss could result in elimination making it so that one team never plays another team twice, like in World Cups. All ten test playing nations take part in this tournament along with 2 associate members.

The Ashes

The Ashes is the legendary test series between England and Australia that dates back to 1882. It is played biennially to correspond with summer in England or Australia. It is a series of 5 tests of 2 innings each. If a draw results, then the Ashes are retained by the team the previous winner of the Ashes

Competitions held in the UK


This is a limited overs form of the game where each side faces 20 overs. It was primarily held between British Counties in 2003. Each match last approximately 3 hours, which makes it perfect for people in need of a quick fix of cricket. The popularity of this series has grown immensely. So much so that the inaugural Twenty20 World Championship will be held in South Africa in 2007.

County Championship

This is the domestic 1st class cricket competition in the UK. It consists of 2 divisions and each match has two innings and lasts 4 days. It was contested as early as 1890.

National League

Founded in 1999, this is the one day cricket league for first class counties in England and Wales. It comprises of two divisions with each match lasting 40 overs per innings.