Getting Started in Cricket

Being the birthplace of cricket, the UK is perfectly suited to pick up the game. There are opportunities to do so at any age group and at any level. The beauty of cricket is in the fact that you can play it anywhere! All you need is a bat and a ball. It can be picked up and pursued irrespective of age or skill level.

For children aged 7-12 the ECB has teamed up with npower to create the Urban Cricket program. It introduces the game to children and also encourages them to take up the sport. More info available at the ECB website.

For older children there are numerous opportunities to take part in their respective schools. Otherwise they can be enrolled in a cricket club. You can search for a list of cricket clubs in the UK using the Minor-Counties Play- cricket directory. This can be used to link to clubs in your area. It can be found by following this link

The above link can also be used for players of all other standards.

A list of useful contacts to obtain further information from the England and Wales Cricket Board can be obtained from here

For a list of cricket clubs in Northern Ireland follow this link

For details on how to find clubs in Scotland follow this link

The following link provides tips for people who want to get involved in cricket with useful contact details and resources. BBC Cricket