All out – When an innings is ended where 10 out of 11 batsmen have been dismissed or are unable to play due to injury etc.

All rounder – A batsman who can bowl too, or a batsman who can also keep wickets

Around the wicket – When a right handed bowler passes the right side of the stumps during his delivery action and vice versa for left handed bowlers.

BBI or Best – An abbreviation for the best bowling figures in a bowler’s career.

Beamer – a delivery that without bouncing, reaches the batsman at around head height.

Brace – Two wickets off two consecutive deliveries.

Chip – A subtle lob played over the infielders

Covers – A fielding position between point and mid off.

Cut – A shot made square on the off side a delivery that is short pitched and wide of off stump.

Dot ball – A delivery from which no runs have been scored.

Drive – A forceful shot hit along the ground cover point on the off side and mid wicket on the leg side.

Duck – A batsman’s score of zero

Duckworth and Lewis method – A mathematical model that predicts the runs required by the team batting second after the match has been interrupted due to rain.

Flick – A quick and light movement of the wrist which moves the bat.

Full toss – A delivery that reaches the batsman with bouncing.

Glance – A shot played finely on the leg side behind the batsman.

Gully – A fielder close to the slip fielder.

Hat trick – Three wickets off three consecutive balls by the same bowler.

Leg side – As he takes position, the half of the ground to the rear of the batsman

Maiden Over – An over where no runs are given.

Nelson – scores of 111, 222 or 333 sometimes considered as bad luck

Nick – An edge (of bat)

Off side – The half of the field in front of the batsman’s body.

On side – Same as leg side

One down – the batsman who is number 3 in the batting line up

Outfield – part of the field lying outside the 30 yard circle

Overpitched – A ball that is fully pitched but not a yorker, often easily dispatched.

Overthrow – An inaccurate throw by the fielder resulting in the batsmen gaining more runs

Pads – Protective equipment for the legs.

Plumb – Obviously out leg before wicket.

Pull – A shot played to the leg side on a ball that is pitched short.

Seam – The stitching on the ball

Seam bowling – A style that uses the unevenness of the ball.

Silly – to indicate a position close to the batsman

Sledging – Verbal abuse to psychologically upset a player.

Slip – A fielder close behind the batsman.

Spell – The total number of overs a bowler bowls.

Strike – The position as batsman.

Tail ender – A batsman at the end of the batting order.

Twelfth man – The first substitute

Yorker – A delivery pitched expecting to bounce under the batsman’s bat.