Leg glance

The ‘leg glance’, sometimes also called the ‘hip glance’, is so called because it looks as if the ball is lightly glancing off the player’s leg or hip. It involves the player putting his body – and of course aligning his eye-line – behind the ball, and using the bat to deflect the ball towards the other side of the field. As the ball bounces towards the batsman, he leans into the shot and turns the bat-face about so that it angles the path of the ball across his body.

The shot makes use of the momentum of a fast ball, rather than using power from a long swing of the bat, with the batsman almost flicking the ball away from him.

Make sure you are leaning towards the ball and nearly over it, in order to keep the shot low and avoid being caught out – most batters will slightly bend their front legs in order to keep a steady stance.

Then, at the last minute, flick your wrist to tilt the bat face so that the ball flies over the other side of your body.

Make sure your top hand is firm, keeping the angle accurate and steady for a deft shot.

Sweep the bat in a straight line up to the ball and across after the shot, so you may well end up looking over your shoulder.

If you want to see how it’s done, watch video clips of Inzamam ul-Haq and Mohammad Yousuf executing ‘magnificent’ leg glances. Study their stances and try to copy the movement.

You can easily improve your own leg glance by practising them with a friend. Take it in turns to bat and try to send your shots towards a target or between two posts.

The shot is harder than the professionals make it look, so don’t be put off – with a little practice you will master this smart shot in no time.

Leg Glance

Leg Glance