The Cut

The cut requires the batsman to make a cutting movement with his bat across the body. The shot is also known as ‘the square cut’ because the batsman stands perpendicular to the bowler’s delivery of the ball. It is a particularly popular choice with left-handed batsmen because a right-hand bowler tends to cause the ball to angle slightly away from the batsman’s body, making the cut easier to perform.

When played correctly, the cut enables the batsman to make an extremely powerful shot allowing him to gain a large number of runs, but it can be technically difficult to master. If hit too hard, there is a high chance that the ball will be caught by a close fielder.

Below are the three steps to a successful cut:

  1. Move the back foot towards the stumps and across, to be in line with the bowler’s delivery. Take the bat back across the shoulder whilst moving the front shoulder (that nearest the bowler) towards the ‘off side’. The ‘off side’ is the right half of the pitch for a right-handed batsman and the left half of the pitch for the left-handed batsman.
  2. Move the bat down and across the body, hitting the ball only once the arm is fully extended. The head should be kept still during the shot and the wrists rolled forward keeping the ball as close to the ground as possible to avoid being caught out.
  3. Continue to move the arm across the front shoulder and behind the head. The front shoulder is the one opposite to the batting hand. The batsman’s weight should be kept on the back foot during the follow through.
The Cut Shot

The cut Shot