As Cricket is played over a very long period of time with test matches lasting five days, it is inevitable that the body takes a pounding over this period. This makes it very important to be in peak physical condition.

Players should not only be able to deliver short bursts of power for running in between wickets and chasing after balls, but also have a good endurance base to last a full day’s fielding in the hot sun, or to preserve your wicket over a few days to avoid a heavy test match loss.

Quick reflexes are also very important for both batsman and bowler. A simple and efficient technique will also help to reduce wear and tear of joints and muscle. This will help to minimize injuries and increase the length of one’s cricket career.


One factor that is often overlooked is the ability to function as a team. Internal rifts in teams between key players often lead to a poor performance.

Also, one cannot depend on the star batsman or bowler in the team to constantly win matches. Each player has to contribute, and quite often one has to play the part of being the unexpected saviour of the team. Therefore each member has to be ready for that challenge, should it arise.