Good fielding is as important as batting or bowling. A good fielder often saves many runs for the team and plays a part in key dismissals. There is nothing more inspiring for a team mate than seeing a fielder give a 100% on the field, diving at the ball and running hard.

This lifts the fielding team’s morale greatly. When fielding balls that are travelling along the ground it is good practice to get low with one foot behind the ball, blocking its passage. Keeping your eye on the ball at all times is crucial as there may be uneven bounces. For high catches a good catching technique is essential.

While keeping your eye on the ball you should get into the optimal position for the catch and ensure that the ball is gripped firmly. Good foot speed is helpful to chase down balls that and coupling this with an efficient slide helps to recover the ball quickly and throw it back with as little delay as possible. One has to constantly practice throws to either wicket so that accuracy and speed is increased.

A strong throwing arm is also a necessity. A quick, sharp thrower greatly increases the pressure on the batsman when the ball is played towards his end. This causes hesitancy for the batsman and frequently leads to run outs.