Pietersen keen to resolve Moores conflict

on January 6, 2009 by Administrator

The conflict between England cricket captain, Kevin Pietersen, and coach, Peter Moores, will hopefully be resolved in the near future. The pair have clashed for over a year and the England captain apparently believes that the coach has contributed towards the run of poor results experienced by the England national cricket team.

Pietersen wants the issues resolved as soon as possible, since the “situation is not healthy” and is certainly not helping the stability of the team.

The captain is keen to sort everything out before the team flies out to the West Indies. During recent months, it has certainly seemed as if the England team has been divided and Pietersen has been quick to point out his desire for everybody involved with England to have the “same aims”.

David Gower, the former England captain, has spoken out about the issue which is threatening the long-term success of the national team. Gower believes that Peter Moores could be sacked, since the views of Pietersen will take priority over those of the coach. He believes that the current England captain has a big personality and will not be happy to compromise on the issues currently affecting the team.

However, this option, seen as likely by several former cricket players and sports pundits, will surely prove detrimental to the team in the long-term. It is not a healthy situation for the captain of a sports team to have such a major influence upon the coaching set-up and Pietersen’s influence may put others off applying for the job.

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