Flintoff may join IPL

on December 1, 2008 by Administrator

England cricket star, Andrew Flintoff, has revealed his desire to join the Indian Premier League next season and has spoken of the motivating factor lying behind this desire. Flintoff believes that the England cricket team would benefit greatly from more Twenty20 experience.

His words came after England were humbled by an exciting Indian side in the one-day series last weekend. The player believes that the Indian players were able to bring the experience gained in the Indian Premier League to the “50-over game” and believes that such experience has been nothing but positive for the team.

Flintoff is keen to “have a go at it on the Indian pitches” alongside the players in the Indian team and other cricketers who compete regularly on an international stage. The performances of the England cricket team recently have shown that something certainly needs to be done and changes need to be made.

Flintoff believes that the talent is already present in the England team but the flair shown by India could be achieved as well if the players were able to play Twenty20 cricket at the top level in the Indian Premier League. The cricketer thinks that the “basics” are already there but that general confidence is sadly lacking.

Flintoff also revealed that he is not the only England player to hold such a desire. England captain, Kevin Pietersen, has also expressed an urge to join the Indian Premier League and Flintoff believes that such a move may soon become an “important development” in the life of any cricket player.

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