Ticket Price Shame

on September 17, 2008 by Administrator

I need to touch on how cricket fans are starting to be fleeced, in much the same way as their footballing counterparts.

Already, we have learned that admission to the Ashes Test at Edbaston next year, will be £75 for non Warwickshire Members, a quite staggering disregard for the cricketing public. No doubt it will sell out, if only for being Australia as the opposition, but as these prices, even grounds out of London, run the risk of the champagne brigade taking over, such as Lord’s, and the magic atmosphere that is generated at grounds like Headingley and Edgbaston, disappearing for good.

Prices at Warwickshire HQ have increased some 100% over the past 5 years, a staggering amount.

The One Day scene doesn’t escape all the attention either, my father is a member of Notts, and will be asked to part with £60 for a One Day Ticket for the 2009 ODI series.

Remember, the One Dayers with Australia next year, are being played in September, and anyone remember what a sunshine filled month this year has been? Exactly, hardly fills you with confidence that an outlay of £60 (£75 for non members by the way) will get you a full days cricket in.

The sight of many a empty seat at the first three days of the Edgbaston test against South Africa, should this alarm Giles Clarke, head of the ECB, will he take any notice?, or is he too busy with the Twenty20 specs on?

I paid £27 for Headingley this year for the South African test, you can bet your bottom dollar that price is unlikely to be repeated in the coming years.

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