Jimmy's Hampshire Blog: Sunday – Vs. Gloucestershire @ Bristol.

on July 24, 2008 by Administrator

Rain. Forecasters have got it right so far but we’ll be here most of the day as we need to play, so we’ve got a potentially long old day and this ground isn’t the best place to watch the drizzle come down.

Apparently it’s still raining at home so it looks like the rain may be around for a wee bit longer than our man at the Met said on the box this morning.

Had a good feed and catch up with George (sister) last night – I quite like Bristol as a place, I’m sure it’s got its bad side but I quite like it’s laid back atmosphere in the parts I’ve been to.

Amazingly, considering the forecast rain, i think all the boys were tucked up in good time last night – the times are changing! An giant poker game is going on with both camps involved, some of the Gloucester lads took down out lads last time so some revenge is on the cards – excuse the unintentional pun…

I had a few drinks with George last night and was joined by one of George’s old friends, called George too, her boyfriend and a couple of his mates. They were quite surprised to see me having a beer the night before the game and even more taken back when I mentioned that some of the other lads were having a curry – we might be sportsmen and the diet and behaviour of players has changed markedly even in my brief time playing but we don’t have be as stringent as other sports in our physical preparation.

I’m fairly fortunate, I studied Human Biology at uni so have a decent understanding about nutrition and similar and even luckier still (compared to some of my team-mates) I happen to like food that’s pretty good for you – some of the lads still seem to be collecting Happy Meal toys judging by their fondness for a drive-thru, everything in moderation as they say but I think our fitness/conditioning man might be a little put out by then intake of a some…

Written by Jimmy Adams – LHB for Hampshire CCC

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