Jimmy's Hampshire Blog: The day after the benefit match and travel day

on July 22, 2008 by Administrator

Currently on the bus to Bristol – the coach journey’s are an easy time to tap away on my keyboard. There are few distractions and there’s nothing else to do so I can’t feel guilty for sitting in front of a laptop for a few hours when it’s a beautiful day and i should be spending time practising or in the garden.

We had a good day yesterday at one of Creepy’s benefit games – we got a good hiding though which was not in the script! Due to a lack of players, Tomo and I opened the batting, we did okay considering we were trying (unsuccessfully) to park every other ball into the neighbouring field but after our solid start we soon found ourselves in deep doo-doo and Browny yet again had to dig ourselves out of a hole.

Unfortunately this is no fun in a benefit game as all you want to do is try and swing as hard as can. The opposition knocked our score off with ease – to give you an idea of the game, I kept wicket (with mixed results, 2 stumpings but dropped catches, hard ones though) and Al Mullally opened the bowling when he was only really useful for propping up the bar…

Some good news yesterday, Liam Dawson scored a good hundred for the 2’s – hopefully he’ll relax into this season a bit more and be able to show his true colours. He’d been putting himself under too much pressure to perform and his performances had suffered a bit; there’s no need for him to worry so much, he’s a talented young lad and we all know what he’s capable of doing (let alone what he could achieve).

It’s a common problem for younger guys – putting themselves under too much internal pressure to perform immediately, I think some see a few of their peers getting a chance and try and push too hard to keep up. On the surface there is nothing wrong with setting high standards and pushing yourself but you can sometimes push too hard and get ahead of yourself, rather than controlling what’s right in front of you and relaxing a bit more. We all play are best when we’re not worrying about anything – a good bit of adrenalin helps but you need to channel it the right way.

Bristol – a good chance to catch up with my sister who’s living on a house boat near the city centre, sounds cool and it’s is in the summer but come the winter, judging by her stories, it sounds like a form of torture. The cold and damp don’t appeal when it’s sub-zero outside and that’s before you find out the generator’s rooted and as a consequence the heating is non-existent….

Forecast is pretty ropey tomorrow but the Met Office have not been overly accurate recently so we’ll see. The lads are, funnily enough, playing poker – Bondy’s back and will no doubt share the spoils with Dim though Benny and Slug are dark(ish) horses. I’m gonna listen to a few new CD’s (Howling Rain for those interested), pretend to read the paper when all I’m really doing is looking at the pictures and then hopefully we’ll have arrived.

Written by James Adams – LHB for Hampshire CCC

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