Zimbabwe need to be taken out of the ICC

on July 2, 2008 by Administrator

So there is a big question around Zimbabwe’s future at the top table of the International Cricket Council. The President of the ICC Ray Mail says that it has nothing to do with the political situation in the country, but more to do with the development of cricket there, however this should not be the case.

He told Cricinfo.com that, "We are not the ones to debate on politics. It’s not about Zimbabwe’s membership in the ICC, either. Not at all. What we are concerned about is how to strengthen the game in Zimbabwe, how to encourage more cricketing interaction with them at any level."

I disagree completely though and fully back the ECB’s stance. How can you play sport against a representative of a nation who is openly killing its own people, you just can’t. I don’t see what the sub-continent members of the ICC are doing in backing Zimbabwe’s spot on the ICC.

Sport and Politics don’t mix well but at times you have to do what is right. They say that there is a whiff of compromise in the air that’ll see Zimbabwe skipping next years Twenty20 tournament in England, which’ll allow the ECB to still host the tournament following the government’s decision not to grant visa’s to the Zimbabwean team.

As an arena sport should all be about competition but at times it fills a bigger need. What is going on in Zimbabwe is appalling and if sport is a way to get at a monster such as Robert Mugabe then so be it. It is just sad that the sub-continent teams don’t feel the same.

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