Jimmy's Hampshire Blog: Thurs 22nd May

on June 16, 2008 by Administrator

It’s been a couple of days since we pulled that win out of our proverbial backsides thanks to mainly Browny and Dim but also to our bowlers who did a great job up front. I may have mentioned Browny’s good form previously and again he the job – in the last couple of one-dayers he’s gone in when we’ve been under the pump but as Browny (and myself as a similar type player) admits, he prefers those positions as it allows him to get himself in and there is no great scoring pressure.

As opening batters it’s a nice change to come in when the balls a little older, the wicket a bit flatter (they tend to be in one-day games) compared to what we normally encounter in championship cricket. If we came in needing over six an over, needing to get a move on straight away then we’d find it a lot tougher.

On a personal front, it was disappointing to not make the most of a great opportunity to bat for a bit of time – I couldn’t quite get through a pretty sharp few overs from Simon Jones, edging the first real bad ball he bowled me which was not ideal. However, I did manage to pouch my first slip catch since the Surrey debacle.

We headed into town for a few drinks after the game – standing out like sore thumbs in some student bar with our suits on (it was already late by the time we left the ground and most of us couldn’t get home to change) the boys a good night by all accounts. They were already flying when I made for home having had a stinker – my girlfriend’s car was in for a service so she needed mine and I had to get it home that night.

A nice quiet day off yesterday and a good few lads were back in today for a hit and some gym – Nantie Hayward has just signed as a Kolpak and he was having a trundle in the nets. It was a little more than a trundle to be honest and while he’s not as quick as he once was, he can still bowl the odd slippery one.

I managed to get a good hit in and knackered Chalky’s arm (Giles White, our 2nd XI coach) as he gave me some throwdowns. A brief bowl at Benny (I think he was still suffering from Tuesday night as he said I was getting it through… I don’t get it through) and a gym session and typically I get stuck in the ‘Rose Bowl time-warp’ – it happens to all the players, we arrive the intention of staying for an hour or two but end up being stuck there for the whole day….

Browny’s miffling around and it turns out that he lost his keys on Tuesday night and can’t found them anywhere (apparently someone else lost them as they were at Benny’s house…) – not the best as he’s parked in front of the garage at Benny’s place and Balc’s car is in the garage and can’t be moved.

Benefit game tomorrow – hopefully I can bat 11 and keep wicket.

Written by James Adams – LHB for Hampshire CCC

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