Jimmy's Hampshire Blog: Monday 19th May

on June 5, 2008 by Administrator

We’ve a new kit sponsor this year – Canterbury have provided some great gear so far though it must be said a fair bit of it has arrived at the last minute. We’re still short of a few bits and bobs, I’m not sure which side is the main culprit but I expect it’s a mixture of the two.

As players we get pretty spoilt with kit and equipment so we can’t really complain and I’ll be keeping a good stash for the days when I’m not so fortunate!

Canterbury’s big thing is their baselayer stuff (you know, those skin tight vests things you see worn under playing shirts) – they’re very good on the whole, I think most lads wear them instead of a t-shirt under their shirts but i still don’t understand the concept completely.

Sure, if it’s cold an extra layer must help keep you warm but the spiel that accompanies the tops saying that they can help keep you cool and regulate body temperature I can’t buy into… How can an extra layer keep you cool?

I don’t care how many boffins have backed this claim up but surely our skin does the best job going at keeping us cool? It’s been developed over thousands and thousands of years to provide the best thermo-regulation yet people are claiming a man-made top developed in probably 18 months can do the job instead… I don’t get it.

We’re only the telly tomorrow – which means half the boys will have had their hair cut today and will be in front of the mirror come 1400 tomorrow.

A word of warning – I won’t be this keen throughout the season with regard to tapping away on a computer.

Written by James Adams – LHB for Hampshire CCC

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