Jimmy's Hampshire Blog: Sunday - Vs. Glamorgan at the new Swalec Stadium

on June 3, 2008 by Administrator

Last night was bonkers, I know Cardiff reasonably well from previous away trips and due to my missus being a local (the future in-laws live within 20 minutes or so) but the number of people out yesterday evening was something else. I suppose a few drinks in front of the Cup Final was followed by a few more.

Benny and I wandered out of our hotel, which was right in the mixer, to find a Co-op/Spar type place for some evening snacks (generally most of us eat pretty well, the lads talk a healthy game anyway, but away trips tend to raise the ‘badness’ intake – everything in moderation don’t they say?). On our way we wander down a chip/kebab alley and it seems like half of Cardiff have descended on the little side street for a quick kofta, a magnificent sight….!

We make it unscathed to the shop and deliver a variety of ice-cream, chocolate and crisps to the lads in the hotel bar. A number of the boys haven’t packed any gear ‘accidentally on purpose’ to stop them venturing out and as a hen party, then a wedding party enter the bar, it is obvious that a few of the lads are having to use all the will-power available not to head out into the night.

Sleep like a log, the beds are amazing – I know I must have slept well as Browny is up before me and already in the shower. A decent brekkie and we’re off – the bonus of the noon starts this year is that you get to fully capitalise on the full hotel breakfast spread.

We haven’t played down this way since Sophia Gardens became the Swalec Stadium and the new developments are fantastic – the changing rooms are huge and the seating around the ground is akin to many footie stadiums. I imagine it’s an awesome place to play when there’s a full house.

Lumby warms us up and we have a close game of ‘no ball touch’ a game introduced by Shane Bond – I’d like to take some credit as I had tried to play it last season (my club played it as they had a Kiwi overseas, it’s seems to be a well known antipodean game) but it had been canned by the football-loving majority. Strangely they were less inclined to speak out against Bondy, he bowls pretty sharp apparently!

A decent enough performance sees us over the line despite a little wobble in our chase. The bowlers did a great job to restrict the Dragons and our openers get us off to flier in reply – I’m almost there at the end with Browny but get out with 14 runs required, a leading edge off a long-hop slower ball that would have been a leg-side wide… cricket was the winner!

The Glamorgan lot are always good to play against, they play hard but enjoy it and are always good for some light-hearted banter – I don’t know if it’s because i played a fair amount of cricket with a few of them in age-group stuff but they are a far better bunch than some teams you come across….

A good win though and a good upbeat feeling on the coach as we rumble home on the M4 – a quiet day tomorrow, I imagine I’ll try and practice some hitting (it’s not a strong point – an old team-mate once asked how, for someone reasonably well-built, I was only capable of ‘clothing’ the ball and nudging it behind square) but otherwise not much before Tuesday’s day-nighter. It’s on the goggle-box so here’s hoping we do ourselves justice.

Written by James Adams – LHB for Hampshire CCC

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